This Weekend’s Project: Spring Home Maintenance


Spring home maintenance – it seems like everyone is doing it, but why is it so important? According to Landmark Home Warranty, $1 spent on maintenance equals $100 spent on repairs, saving you money by fixing small problems now before they get worse. You’ll find that staying on top of upkeep helps your home run more efficiently to lower your utility bills and increases the value of your home. Most importantly, should disaster strike and a major repair or breakdown occur, your home warranty and insurance will cover it since it is due to regular wear and tear, not lack of maintenance on your part.


Now that you know how important maintenance is, how can you get started? WAME Radio outlines just a few of the areas you can tackle in a weekend or two.


Clear Out Your Gutters


Cleaning your gutters is the most common spring home maintenance task, and for good reason. The previous seasons brought plenty of rain – along with fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris – into your gutter. Labor Panes notes that a clogged gutter can cause serious damage if left untouched, including roof leaks, mold and water damage, and foundational issues. Fortunately, cleaning your gutters is an easy task. With a ladder, garden hose, and a gutter scoop, you can knock this task out in no time. Be sure to spray off the roof as well so that the next rain shower doesn’t undo all your work. While you’re on the roof, check for damage and leaks as well.


Check for Air Leaks


Your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable depending on the temperature outside, but air leaks in your windows means wasted money and an overworked system. Check for leaks by holding a candle near your window on a breezy day, or simply inspecting it for cracks and gaps. Consider investing in a caulking gun (which can be used for other projects too, like sealing sinks, tubs, showers, and basements). Once you’ve sealed all current and potential leaks, your HVAC system can run more efficiently, but it’s still a good idea to have it serviced.


Reseal/Replace Exterior Woodwork


Your exterior woodwork takes a beating from the sun and rain, so it’s important to reseal and repair your deck, railings, and fences so that you can enjoy time outdoors in the warmer weather. It’s best to reseal your deck every year (two at the most) to protect it from the sun, moisture, and mildew, as well as prevent cracking. You can find sealant at your local hardware store, as well as a chemical stripper to remove the old sealant so you can clean the surface before reapplying. If you notice any cosmetic damage or a board that needs replacing, you can easily repair and replace deck boards. You’ll need a drill to remove nails/screws, a chisel and wood filler to remove and fill rotten portions, as well as a circular saw to cut boards to fit. Don’t forget to stain and seal the boards too.


Home Interior Upgrades


Also look inside your home for areas needing a little sprucing up. Many DIY projects can be done in a day or less, and are affordable enough to be done well within most budgets. One example are the walls. A fresh coat of paint and maybe even chair railing in spaces like the kitchen can add a whole new atmosphere. Better yet, look at putting up custom wallpaper, which comes in a variety of designs, color combos, and material. Removable peel-and-stick wallpaper makes the job much easier, as there’s no need for messy glue or waiting on drying time; it’s an almost-instant way to transform any room.


Don’t Underestimate a Handyman


Maintaining your home can feel like a to-do list that never ends, which is why there isn’t anything wrong with hiring a handyman to help with smaller projects such as window cleaning, exterior/interior cleaning, pest control, lawn maintenance, etc. Be sure to read reviews and ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations before hiring.


Home maintenance is important all year long, but spring is the perfect time to get your home ready for warmer weather and storms. There are plenty of maintenance tasks you can handle on your own, including cleaning gutters, repairing air leaks, and resealing wood exteriors, but hiring a handyman makes upkeep easier as well. All it takes is a weekend or two, and your house will be in tiptop shape.


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